How will the organization decide which issues and elections to work on?


At our first, statewide organizing meeting, we created an Issues Committee and a Candidate Endorsement Criteria Committee. Participation in both groups is open to all PM members, and a number of members have already committed to participating.  If you are interested in serving on either committee, you should contact our Interim Executive Director at

The work of both of these committees is evolving.  As we build active membership, we are looking to engage as many members as possible in deciding what issues and elections we work on, what role we play and how we go about activating our membership.

The Issues Committee has developed a set of values on a wide variety of topics which is posted on our website for comment.  In addition, they have worked with several progressive legislators on a Compact for a True Commonwealth that translates these values into broad policy concerns.  As the legislative process begins, they will work to identify and shape the bills of interest to progressives that will be filed at the State House.  The Issues Committee will develop a process for selecting issues PM might work on (for example, the process might include policy research, conversations with legislators and advocates, assessment of the viability of a campaign, determining what action steps might be involved, etc.), and then will present their recommendations and rationale  to the full membership.  Going forward, this committee will do the legwork necessary to identify possible campaigns, and the full membership will then determine which campaigns PM will work on.

The Candidate Endorsement Criteria Committee will develop a set of criteria, based on the tenets of Progressive Mass, that will ensure that the organization endorses candidates through a careful process reflective of our values and commitment to electing individuals who will uphold those values.  The membership will, ultimately, determine when we will endorse a candidate, but this criteria will be the basis for that process.

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