The election is over and the work of the new legislative session will be beginning in earnest over the next few months.  Progressive Massachusetts is actively working with key legislators to ensure that the issues we care about are front and center.

As bills are drafted and sponsored, we will alert our members to both opportunities to move Massachusetts forward as well as policies that threaten to undermine our communities and all our residents’ well-being.  Over the course of the legislative session, we will be following the progress of these bills closely and working with both our members and like-minded legislators to ensure passage for the bills we favor and defeat for those we don’t.

In the meantime, check out our value statements on topics of interest.  Let us know what you think.

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I believe a top priority for any truly Progressive group in Mass is to move our political system away from our dysfunctional and antidemocratic two party system, to proportional representation, at least in the Mass Senate. If the Greens get 15% of the statewide vote, they’d get 15% of the seats. In this way truly progressive parties will finally have access to power, the ability to shape legislation, and have a megaphone so the marketplace of ideas can finally function outside the narrow political spectrum the two party system offers.
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