Excuses, Excuses. Share What YOU Hear

We bet we've heard a lot of them before. Share what you're hearing when you ask your Legislators, WTF happened and why did you fail to pass (sooooomuch)? 

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The End (of 190th Session) is Coming

The Legislative session here in Massachusetts ends one week from tomorrow, and there's still a lot to get done.

Find your state representative's contact info here, and then give them a call on these key issues. 📞📞📞📞.



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Take Action: A Budget is a Statement of Values (FY2019 House Budget)

As the saying goes, a budget is a statement of values. The FY2019 budget from the MA House, released last week, makes some modest steps forward, but in others, is just standing still (which, as we all know, is another way of moving backwards). Over the past few years, our Democratic Legislature has too often taken its cues for the budget from our Republican governor rather than from the needs of communities around the state.

In other words, we can do better.


Legislators last week filed a litany of amendments to the budget, and we've highlighted the ones we found most important to advancing our progressive agenda for Massachusetts.

Can you email your State Representative TODAY about these amendments?

(Need to look up his/her info? Find it here.)


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