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Four Weeks Left....

Unless anything changes, four weeks from today -- Friday, July 31st -- the formal part of the 191st Legislative Session of the Massachusetts General Court will come to an end.

That means that there are four weeks for the MA Legislature to up its game on pretty much every single front.

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Take Action: Protecting Reproductive Rights Here in MA

Yesterday, in a win for reproductive freedom, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law that was designed to close abortion clinics and cut off access to care. This decision affirms that people should not be forced to jump through medically unnecessary hoops to access basic medical care.

But Louisiana isn't the only state with barriers to care. In Massachusetts, young people seeking abortion are forced to go to court to plead their case to a judge, and families who receive a lethal fetal diagnosis later in pregnancy must travel across the country for abortion care.

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MA Senate Votes Down Efforts to Protect In-Person Voting, Streamline Mail Voting

Earlier today, the Massachusetts Senate voted 40 to 0 for a bill to protect our fall elections during the pandemic. 

Like the bill passed by the House, the bill contained a number of important provisions:

  • Sending an application to vote early by mail to every registered voter for both the September 1 primary election and the November 3 general election
  • Ensuring all applications and ballots sent by mail include prepaid return postage
  • Ensuring that ballots postmarked by Election Day will be counted (but for the general election only)
  • Allowing voters to apply to vote by mail through an online portal and enabling any voter who wants to vote absentee to do so this year
  • Expanding early voting for the primary and the general

The Senate embraced some opportunities to strengthen the bill during debate today but, unfortunately, rejected others. Here’s a rundown of what happened. 

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