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SCA: When Lawmakers Won't Make Laws



APRIL 1 - PRINTER FRIEINDLY - Here's more on the policies we'll be pushing via the budget process: 

These 3 provisions have broad public support, and extend critical protections to all immigrants.

ALL are from the Safe Communities Act–and are endorsed by the two MA police chief associations.

ALL comply with federal law. Federal law prohibits limiting communications between local and federal agencies about immigration status. It does not require local law enforcement to collect this information.

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Safe Communities Act - A Brief History of Legislative Inaction

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4 Ways to Resist Trump’s Agenda Here in Massachusetts

We’re running out of time in the legislature. We’ve got 4 action items for Pres Day!:

  1. Register for Lobby Day (read more below!)
  2. Make calls this week for Safe Communities (read more!)
  3. Push to increase voter participation (read more!)
  4. Upgrade the Legislature with a progressive legislator (read more!)
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