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Tax the Rich. Fund Community Needs.

Board member Mohammed Missouri was featured in the Boston Globe's "The Argument" section, making the YES case for the question "Should Massachusetts tax unearned income at a higher rate than earned income?" Read it on the Globe website or below.

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Charlie Baker Shows His True Colors by Vetoing Climate Legislation, Tenant Protections

Over the past month, Governor Charlie Baker, who often gets an undeserved reputation as a moderate, has shown his conservative side on issue after issue.

Last month, he vetoed legislation to expand equitable access to abortion care (thankfully, the Legislature had the votes to override him). And he got the Legislature to weaken a facial surveillance ban and use of force standards in their police accountability bill with a veto threat.

Baker continued this pattern last week.

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Tell Baker to Sign These Bills

Last week was quite the week--to put it mildly.

Lost amidst the euphoria around exciting election wins in Georgia and the terrifying display of white supremacist violence in the attempted coup in the US Capitol was the news of the end of the legislative session here in Massachusetts -- and the start of the new one.

Back in July, the Legislature voted to extend the legislative session. That didn't mean votes that were more spread out over time--just another end-of-session crunch, but later.

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