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It's Always Been a Revenue -- and a Fairness -- Problem

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Regressive Tax, Progressive Tax, Our Tax

What different kinds of taxes look like: 


source: "Who Pays? A 50-State Report by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy" (5th Ed.) 


What Massachusetts Taxes Look Like:

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Medicare for All? PM Director Ben Wright in the Boston Globe

This essay originally appeared in Boston Globe South  - March 21, 2015. 

Should Massachusetts adopt a single-payer healthcare system? 


By Ben Wright, director of Progressive Massachusetts. Ben has worked on electoral and issue campaigns on the South Shore, including, updating the bottle bill and raising the minimum wage.

Massachusetts should adopt a single payer health care system to improve individual health outcomes, expand care to everyone, and reduce costs for both individuals and the government.

In 2012, per capita health care spending was $8,233, more than 2.5 times higher than most developed nations. However, we have proportionately fewer physicians and hospital beds, and our life expectancy increases since 1960 are below those of other developed nations, according to a PBS news report.

We have a huge spending problem, and single payer is the simplest solution. With so many other priorities – including education, transportation and infrastructure -- we should be implementing solutions that will reduce costs to society and improve care.

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