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Governor Baker Needs to Stop Trying to Dilute Police Reform

In July, both the MA House and the MA Senate passed police reform bills that, although not as strong as they need to be, had a number of vital reforms. Two and a half weeks ago, the Legislature succeeded at hashing out a consensus version of their bills and sent them to the Governor to sign.

Instead of listening to the broad and diverse coalition calling on him to sign the bill, Governor Baker bowed to the pressure of police unions and sent the bill back to the Legislature with harmful amendments.

Baker's amendments curtail key powers to establish training curricula by a civilian board, allow broad use of the notoriously racist facial recognition software, and severely weaken the definitions and independent oversight for use of force by police.

Crucial negotiations are happening over the next few days, and your voice matters.

Can you email Baker today to urge him to stop trying to water down the Legislature's bill?

To quote State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, "The bill that emerged from conference committee was already a compromise package. It’s time to stop asking over-policed communities to give up more and more of the justice they’ve so long been fighting for."

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It's Time for the Legislature to Stand up to the Governor

This week, Republican Governor Charlie Baker showed repeatedly that he doesn't have the best interests of the commonwealth at heart. And we're not just talking about his stubborn refusal to close in-door dining, casinos (?!), and gyms or ensure that workers and small businesses have the supports they need to weather the dark winter. (Although more on that later.) 

We're talking about his refusal to sign good policies passed by the Legislature and his desire to run out the clock on all of them.

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Charlie Baker Wants to Water Down the Police Reform Bill. Don't Let Him.

Last week, the MA House and Senate passed their consensus version of a police reform bill, sending it to the Governor's desk.

Baker had three options. (1) He could show that he cares about police accountability and listened to the activists demanding action and just sign it. (2) He could show that he doesn't care and simply veto it. (3) Finally, he could again show that he doesn't care, but by sending back amendments to weaken the bill.

He chose #3.

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