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The MA Senate Can Pass a Better Budget Than the House

Last week, we highlighted the good, the bad, and the very ugly of the MA House's budget.

This week, the MA Senate will be voting on its budget. And they have the opportunity to make it better.

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Your State Rep Probably Took a Bad Vote Yesterday. But They Can Take a Good One Tomorrow.

If we want to have an equitable recovery from the pandemic and the related recession, we need to invest in our public schools, our public infrastructure, our public health system, and our social safety net in all its forms.

And that requires money.

Unfortunately, the MA House hasn't gotten the memo. The budget that it's currently debating fails to deliver on the promises made in the Student Opportunity Act last year and shortchanges public services across the state.

Legislators have a choice of whether to invest in an equitable economic recovery or accept a dangerous trajectory that leaves the most vulnerable behind.

Yesterday, 127 state representatives chose the latter, voting against a common-sense amendment from Rep. Mike Connolly (D-Cambridge) to tax unearned income (income from non-retirement investments and other forms of asset ownership, such as stocks, bonds, and dividend and interest income) at a higher rate than earned income (income from wages and salaries, as well as pensions, annuities, 401k, IRAs, and other similar retirement accounts). Unearned income goes overwhelmingly to corporate shareholders and other high-income individuals, and a modest increase could generate significant sums of money to fund public services.

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Here's What You Can Do This Week for Civil Rights & Housing Stability

It's been quite the 24 hours. And if you're like us, you're thinking, "How can I take action, including right here in Massachusetts?"

Here are some ways.

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