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Take Action: Extend Sick Time. Extend the Eviction Moratorium. Extend the Session.

TL;DR: Tell your legislators to extend paid sick time, extend the eviction moratorium, and extend the legislative session.

Today marks Phase 3 of Republican Governor Charlie Baker's reopening plan. That means that movie theaters (??), casinos (??), and gyms (??!?) are allowed to reopen today -- even as states around the country are seeing resurgences of the COVID-19 outbreak.

And to make matters worse, this reopening is happening without any new, enforceable protections for workers.

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Four Weeks Left....

Unless anything changes, four weeks from today -- Friday, July 31st -- the formal part of the 191st Legislative Session of the Massachusetts General Court will come to an end.

That means that there are four weeks for the MA Legislature to up its game on pretty much every single front.

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Top 10 Excuses You’ll Hear When Lobbying Your Legislators

Your state legislators may be good at many things, but being creative in the excuses that they give you is not one of them. When you lobby your legislators on key issues, you'll likely hear the same set of excuses. We highlight what the most common ones are -- and why they don't hold up -- below.




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