It's Outrageous: Holding Up Affordable Housing

OG_Skyline.jpgState House News is reporting an agreement is near on a much-needed and generally lauded Housing Bond Bill that will provide much needed funding for a host of affordable housing programs at a time when homelessness is once again rising to crisis levels in the Commonwealth.

But there's a hold up - an outrageous bid to reward one developer in Norwood - and potentially undermine the State's primary affordable housing bill, 40B.  Read what the Globe had to say about this.

As State House News describes, this was a “special favor” intended to block a 296-unit affordable housing development in Norwood at the old Polaroid facility located on Rte. 1A. Sen. Michael Rush, of West Roxbury.

That is not how to legislate.  Shame on Senator Rush for even proposing such an amendment.  

The people voiced strong support for 40B, in a 2010 ballot initiative to repeal it that was defeated 54% to 39%.  

If 40B needs reforming - let's have a conversation about it; let's not do special favors for individual benefactors.   


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