Job Growth and the Economy

We believe:

  • A strong economy and an abundance of good paying jobs are the cornerstone of a successful community.  When people work, families are more stable, neighborhoods are safer, and citizenship is stronger.  The very fabric of the community is strengthened.
  • Our economy must provide real opportunity for all Americans and ensure that everyone has access to a minimum standard of living.
  • Economic policy should focus on the creation and preservation of living-wage and prevailing-wage jobs with adequate benefits, leave, paid sick time and security to support a family, that aims to nurture a diverse economy, and that provides opportunities to those who have been left out (including minority and women-owned business enterprises).
  • Sensible regulation is essential for capitalism to function.  Further monopolistic corporate cronyism produces inequities that threaten a free and just society.  Government and the private sector must work collaboratively to ensure growth and innovation as well as social justice and equity of opportunity.
  • A functioning economy requires government regulation to protect against ant-trust violations, to protect innovation from large corporate patent attacks, and to protect consumers with a vigorous testing regimes.
  • Government should refrain from picking winners and losers – that is, providing incentives to individual companies.  Instead government should encourage innovation, provide the infrastructure (transportation, education) necessary to success and ensure adequate public investment in industries of the future like alternative energy and bio-tech which are the strengths of Massachusetts.
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