Legislatures Matter: John Oliver

State Legislatures and their work are easy to ignore. There's no "Beacon Hill" segment on the nightly Maddow show, and even local media coverage is inconsistent and limited. But John Oliver, hilariously, explains exactly why you should care -- and why we work to keep you abreast of what you need to know to pressure our MA State House to enact progressive priorities. 

Legislatures -- wielding a terrifying amount of influence, safe in the knowledge that no one will be paying attention! 

Do you know who YOUR State Representative and State Senator are? Find out: progma.us/whosmylegislator-ma --then add your legislators to your contacts! They need to hear from you, regularly! (Calls and Emails are best -- but social media contact can help too). 

We have Social Media and official contact info for State Legislators, on our Resource page: progressivemass.com/maleg


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