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Couldn’t be at the State House in person on lobby day? 
You can still take 5 minutes, make 2 calls and a huge difference.

Grassroots works…but we have to act together to be loud enough!

On March 12, citizens from across the Commonwealth headed to Beacon Hill to tell their legislators to support new revenue, raised fairly/progressively, that is adequate enough to restore 10+ years of budget cuts, the MBTA shortfall, and improve education. There are two plans on the table right now, the Governor’s and “An Act to Invest in Our Communities.” Both reduce the overall regressivity of our tax system; both raise around $2billion, providing enough new revenue to invest in our services, transportation and education–not just the latest fiscal emergency. Meanwhile, the Speaker has said he’ll offer a much smaller revenue plan… which will not cover our community investment needs.

Despite economists’ endorsementpublic support and the Governor’s leadership, legislators just may miss this moment, passing a weak revenue package that will keep our services and infrastructure struggling to stay operational, let alone invest in them for the future.

WE NEED YOUR VOICES. Please call or email your State Representative and State Senator today. And, we need your leadership as advocates and community organizers to get others to do the same.

Ready to call?

First, click here to look up your State Representative and Senator (why not add them to your address book now?).

Next--check if your legislator is already a co-sponsor (click to show/hide):

 The legislators listed below are CO-SPONSORS and do not need to be persuaded – you could, however, thank them for their advocacy, to help keep their support strong and unwavering!:

STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Andrews, Denise; Balser, Ruth; Basile, Carlo; Brady, Michael; Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl; Curran, Sean; Decker, Marjorie; Devers, Marcos; Farley-Bouvier, Tricia; Finn, Michael; Henriquez, Carlos; Keefe, Mary; Khan, Kay;Kocot, Peter; Lawn, John; Lewis, Jason; Malia, Elizabeth; Mark, Paul; O’Day, James; Pignatelli, William; Provost, Denise;Rogers, David; Sannicandro, Tom; Sciortino, Carl; Smizik, Frank; Story, Ellen; Sullivan, David; Swan, Benjamin; Toomey, Timothy; Vega, Aaron; Walsh, Chris

STATE SENATORS: Barrett, Michael; Candaras, Gale; Chang-Diaz, Sonia; Donnelly, Kenneth; Eldridge, James; Jehlen, Patricia; Rush, Michael; Welch, James; Wolf, Daniel

Suggested Script (click to show/hide)

Hi, my name is ____ from  ___.  I wanted to be at the State House today in support of Revenue proposals that raise enough money to restore cuts, invest in education and transportation, and improve the overall progressivity of our state and local taxes. 

Both the Governor’s revenue proposal and “An Act to Invest in our Communities” in the Legislature are examples of how we can raise substantial revenue while holding down increases for low- and middle-income families.

I’m asking [legislator] to support raising new revenue in a fair way to invest in our community’s many pressing needs.

Will [you/the legislator] be supporting these or similar plans?

Thanks for your time [and support]!

Don’t forget to record your call with us so we can track outreach to the different legislators and improve our future efforts!

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