Action: Email for Co-Sponsorship (Jan 2019)

STEP 1. Make sure you have YOUR state legislators' emails: (put them in your contact list!)

STEP 2. Write an Email to Your State Rep and Your State Senator asking they Co-Sponsor the bills on the Progressive MA Legislative Agenda (sample email below) (click here for full list of bills, with descriptions, on our Legislative Agenda


Call them and make sure to leave a message.


Do both!

Step 2.

Yes -- on the whole it is usually better to call than email. But for this COSPONSORSHIP system, aides will prefer printing out your request list over hearing a 17 -item recitation on the phone. There is a way, though, to have the best of both worlds -- send your email (like below) and then call the next day to remind the office you're serious! 

SAMPLE EMAIL (with areas to fill in)

SUBJ: Co-Sponsorship of These Priorities

Dear Legislator,

I am writing to call your attention to the Progressive Mass Legislative Agenda for 2019-2020, which would put Massachusetts on the forefront of progressive policy, where it belongs.

The bills in the agenda would keeps Massachusetts moving forward in areas such as education, affordable housing, health care, civil rights, economic and racial equality, combating climate change, good government, voting access, while also fighting back against the troubling right-wing corporate agenda of President Trump and the Republican Congress.

Please show your commitment to this agenda by adding your name as a co-sponsor (I understand that the House deadline is February 1, while the Senate has no deadline).

Along with so many other voters (IN MY AREA/TOWN), I am concerned about what is coming from the Trump administration as well as [LONG-STANDING STATE/LOCAL ISSUES].

It is really important that my elected officials stand up and make a clear commitment to moving the Commonwealth forward, at a time when many Massachusetts residents are deeply anxious and concerned about the direction of their country, while also making a difference in the lives of everyday people.

The list of bills  is below, with further information available via Progressive Mass (

I would also be happy to find out more information if you require it.

    • Fair Share Amendment (SD.1709/HD.3300): Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to provide resources for education and transportation through an additional tax on incomes in excess of one million dollars (Lewis - O’Day)
    • Fully Funding Our Public Schools / PROMISE Act (SD.101/HD.434): An Act providing rightful opportunities and meaningful investment for successful and equitable education (Chang-Diaz -- Keefe/Vega)
    • Debt-Free College (SD.1415/HD.3113): An Act to guarantee debt-free public higher education (Eldridge-Higgins)
    • Affordable Child Care & Early Ed (SD.1744 / HD.1879): An Act relative to affordable and accessible high quality early education and care (Friedman - Gordon)
    • Medicare for All (SD.2062/HD.2974): An Act establishing medicare for all in Massachusetts (Eldridge - Sabadosa/Garlick)
    • Real Estate Transfer Fee & Affordable Housing Funding (SD.334/HD.414): An Act supporting affordable housing with a local option for a fee to be applied to certain real estate transactions (Boncore - Connolly)
    • Safe Communities Act (SD.926/HD.1520): An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents (Eldridge - Balser/Miranda)
    • Visitation Rights (SD.2137/HD.3011): An Act to strengthen inmate visitation (Chang-Diaz - Decker)
    • Eviction Sealing / HOMES Act (SD.526/HD.3815): An Act promoting Housing Opportunity and Mobility through Eviction Sealing (Boncore - Moran)
    • Comprehensive Reproductive Rights / ROE Act (SD.109/HD.2548): An Act to remove obstacles and expand abortion access (Chandler - Haddad/Livingstone)
    • Same Day Registration (SD.1695/HD.3608): An Act relative to election day registration  (Creem - Malia)
    • Ranked Choice Voting (SD.768/HD.815): An Act to use of ranked choice voting in elections (Lewis - Vargas/Madaro)
    • Changing State House Culture (SD.1412/HD.2713): An Act promoting equality and respect in the legislature (Rausch - Sabadosa)
    • Environmental Justice (SD.1824/HD.3523): An Act relative to environmental justice and toxics reduction in the Commonwealth (Eldridge - DuBois/Miranda)
    • 100% Renewable Energy (SD.1625 / HD.3092): An Act transitioning Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable energy (Eldridge - Decker/Garballey)
    • Carbon Pricing (SD.1817 / HD.2370): An Act to Combat Climate Change (Barret) / An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions* (Benson) [* = preference]

I hope you will be cosponsoring and fighting for a wide variety of bills that address the concerns of all residents of Massachusetts, and appreciate your consideration of the bills I’ve asked you to cosponsor.

I look forward to hearing back from you.





Hello Representative/Senator [Last name of Legislator]

My name is ___________ and I live at ______________ I’m calling as your constituent to let you know that I support the Progressive Mass Legislative Agenda, and I hope you can commit to cosponsor these 16 progressive bills, which you can find at This agenda makes sure that Massachusetts is investing in our future, upholding the civil rights of all, and being a leader again on issues from voting rights to climate action. MA needs to both resist the dangerous agenda of the Trump administration and set the bar for progressive state policy. Please call me back at ____[Your Number]__ to confirm that you are supporting this agenda.


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