Let Our Voices Be Heard

It’s hard to believe that, in 2013, we have to be reminded that voting is a right, not a privilege. It’s even harder to believe that Beacon Hill may pass up an opportunity to make voting more accessible.

Right now, your legislators are considering legislation that could fundamentally change voting in Massachusetts – or, they could pass up an opportunity to revitalize our democracy in favor of the status quo.

You and I know that a healthy, vibrant democracy is one where everybody participates –and when more people vote, the progressive voice for change gets louder. That’s why we are calling on Beacon Hill to pass legislation allowing Election Day Registration (EDR) and early voting

Learn more about the issue and then sign our petition to your legislators about the importance of EDR and early voting.

Election day registration alone has been shown to increase voter participation 10 percent, and the citizens most likely to get the opportunity to vote using Election Day registration are people who recently moved, middle and low-income voters, new citizens, and young people.

Year after year, more states pass us by, currently, 32 states have some form of early voting and 8 states allow same day registration. Every year we wait, our democracy suffers.

Tell your legislators to stand up for democracy and support EDR and early voting.

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