Making a Difference on the Issues

takeaction.jpgThis past spring, we asked you to let us know which issues are important to you.

Progressives overwhelmingly supported working on corporate power, fair/progressive taxation, health care, voting rights, public transportation and education.

Our issues team will be taking your input and using it to help guide which actions and information to prioritize.  We want to be a USEFUL and relevant resource for progressive activists and concerned citizens. Your input helps us. From time to time, we’ll send out email alerts on time-sensitive actions you can take to advance the progressive agenda on your issues. We’ll also use social media to get the word out on other matters.

We’ll send out these time sensitive action alerts for priority issues from the ”action(at)“.  Be sure to set your filters to flag these emails–to open those right away, to maximize our collective power as grassroots agents of change!

As we develop as an organization, we will continue to check in with you and get your input on priorities. For more time sensitive information, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, too!

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