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organize-fish1.jpgIt’s an open Massachusetts secret that despite our marquee liberals on the national stage, when it comes to the state level, we’re not nearly as progressive as we could be. When you look at our skewed tax burdens, austerity budgeting and legislation attacking the poor, one can credibly make the case that the State House governs as if the Commonwealth were center-right.

What IS true is that there’s a strong progressive sentiment in Massachusetts residents. It’s just that we’ve got a ways to go to get the Legislature to govern like Elizabeth Warren.

This is why our work together pushing legislators through grassroots to take bold progressive action, and our legislative efforts, highlighting votes in our scorecard and lobbying at the State House, is so important.

And, we need more progressive legislators if we are going to win our fight for shared prosperity. Starting this week, we will begin highlighting critical races important to progressives, no matter where you are in the Commonwealth.


Christine Barber for Representative(34th Middlesex)

Christine has been working alongside Progressive Massachusetts members for years as part of Cambridge Somerville for Change. Her health care expertise and dedication to progressive values make her an ideal candidate to fill progressive champion Carl Sciortino’s seat. She is running a terrific field program, out-organizing her primary opponents, but still faces a general election challenge. It's rare that we can elect a fellow grassroots progressive organizer-activist.  Even more unusual: we can elect a progressive with experience working in the state house and crafting legislation. As much as we're sad to lose Carl Sciortino, Christine Barber is a unique candidate who can have a real, immediate impact in the legislature. Contribute to Christine here.

Re-elect Senator Jason Lewis (5th Middlesex)

First in the House and since his special election to the Senate, Jason Lewis has been a champion of universal single-payer health care, fair funding for public schools, and protecting women's health. He helped establish the Health and Wellness fund in the 2012 Health Care Cost Control Act and is one of the leading sponsors of single-payer healthcare. His special election to the Senate is one of the key reasons that the Senate moved to the left in the 2013-2014 legislative session, and his re-election is important to make even more progress next session. He's facing his teaparty challenger again, and in a higher turnout election in a swing district -- which was won by Scott Brown in 2010 -- Senator Lewis needs all the help we can give him. Contribute to Jason here.

We hope you will get to know Christine and Jason even better after they’re elected on November 4th! When progressives pull together, we can win.

Pitch in a little today to help make that happen.

COMING UP NEXT WEEK ... Steve Ultrino and Dylan Hayre! See our whole recommended slate here

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