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Member Survey, March 2017

Setting a schedule for regular general meetings, leadership and sub-committee meetings is important part of developing a structure that will help us be more effective and build our power and influence. 

The main goal of this survey is to get preliminary sense from Needham Members of Progressive Massachusetts on three questions:

  1. How often should we have Progressive Needham general* meetings? 
  2. Which days/times work for you for meetings? We will try to find the day that works for the most people, with preferential consideration given to Progressive Needham/Mass dues-paying members in good standing. 
  3. Who is available/interested in leadership role in the chapter? (list of some opportunities included) 

Leadership and Working Groups/Committees will meet more often, to schedules set by the committee members. (Committees/Working Groups are in development/formation, but will include "issues," "legislation," "activism," "campaigns"...) 

OUR CALENDAR * CONTACT US * SIGN UP WITH OUR CHAPTER * Twitter @ProgressNeedham * Facebook: @Progressiveneedham

TRACKING NEEDHAM LEGISLATORS: Scorecard & Contact * Progressive Legislation Cosponsorship

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