Progressive Newton Up and Running

After months of conversations, across tables at coffee shops, during the Occupy Vigils and while canvassing in NH and MA,, Progressive Newton, a new chapter of Progressive Mass has finally come to fruition.  

Our first commitment is to working for economic justice through the Raise Up Massachusetts petition campaign.  This past week we had activists collecting signatures outside of the polls during Newton's Preliminary Election, and then after a "launch" by Rep. Kay Khan and activists Cecelia Burks and Shaina Kasper, a dozen folks canvassed popular Newton weekend spots.  By the end of the two days, we had collected almost 900 signatures!!  A fifth of the way to our goal of 4500.  We have regular open meetings and are excited to meet new neighbors.

Take a minute to look at our page on Facebook and/or go to to find out more about us and to get involved.
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