Northampton Minimum Wage & Earned Sick Leave Legislative Forum


Friday, Northampton held a Raise Up Legislative Forum with Living Wage Western Mass with the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign. Over 50 people were in attendance including Representative Kocot, aides from Rep. Vega, Rep. Mark, and Rep. Story’s offices, several current and past Northampton City Councilors, and the Mayor and former Mayor of Northampton. Academics, city councilors, and activists told stories and gave statistics on why the two issues of raising the minimum wage and providing earned sick time for all are so important. At the end of the presentation, Representative Kocot spoke at length about how the grassroots Raise Up campaign has shaped the legislative process and how it will move forward.

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To learn more about what we are doing to work to raise the minimum wage and provide earned sick time for all with the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign, click here.

To join the fight -- signature collection for the ballot initiative May 10-June 14 -- sign up here.

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