Ballot Questions - November 4, 2014

On the four very important referenda on the ballot on Tuesday, November 4, we strongly recommend voting


No_on_One_Yes_on_Rest_v3.jpgQUESTION 1 – Repeal indexing the gas tax? NO

QUESTION 2 – Expand the “bottle bill” to include water bottles, juice, sports drinks? YES

QUESTION 3 – Repeal the law allowing casinos in Massachusetts? YES

QUESTION 4 – Give all workers the right to earn sick time? YES 

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Repeal indexing the gas tax, defunding road and bridge repair? NOnoononema.jpeg

Voting no keeps the gas tax indexed to inflation providing funds for repairing infrastructure. On
bridges alone, 53% are now “structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.” Roads, bridges, and the
T need to be repaired even when there’s inflation or the political winds shift.



Expand the “bottle bill” to include water bottles, juice, sports drinks? YESyeson2.png

Update the Bottle Bill to include what we now drink – water, sports drinks, tea... We recycle 80%
of beverage containers with deposits, but only 23% without deposits. Plastic is a resource when
it’s recycled; it harms the environment forever when it’s not. Plastic bottles are 99% petroleum,
so recycling decreases oil use. Towns and cities would save $6.7 million per year in trash disposal
costs; that’s why 209 have endorsed Yes-on-2.

  • FAQ on Question 2 (PDF): what changes, where does the  money go? 
  • Know who's funding the attacks against Question 2
    • "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bottle Bill?" Blog at Blue Mass Group, by PM member JCohn!
    • "Bottle bill foes hope you buy in" -  Yvonne Abraham - The Boston Globe - 
    • Ads with Inaccurate Data Aid Foes of Wider Bottle Law - The Boston Globe -
      • "beverages frequently cost more in New Hampshire, which does not have a bottle redemption law"
      • "if the question passes, [bottle revenue not redeemed by consumers] will be designated for environmental programs."
      • "nondeposit bottles outnumber deposit bottles by three to one in the litter found in public parks, even though they make up only 40 percent of the market."
      • "only 47%of Massachusetts cities and towns offer curbside recycling, reaching 64% of the population"
      • "the ads opposing Question 2 [are], fueled by nearly $8 million in contributions from the American Beverage Association and large supermarket chains."
      • "two spots that contain the inaccurate statistics have aired more than 500 times in recent weeks"
      • "Many of the TV stations that run the ads, which have been a lucrative source of income, did not return calls for comment. Bill Fine, president and general manager of WCVB-TV, said his station would continue to air the spots. He described the ads as “what has come to pass for customary political discourse.”"
  • Read about the Act to update the bottle bill
  • See how your representatives voted on the bottle bill
  • Why cosponsoring bills matter -- the bottle bill



Repeal the law establishing casinos in Massachusetts? YESyeson3ma.jpg

The house always wins - owners are the only real winners. Casinos’ business model depends on
fostering addiction. The human costs and municipal costs are huge with increased crime,
bankruptcy, and addiction. Local businesses and their jobs are lost. Forbes rated casino jobs as
among the worst-paying in America while Moody’s rated the industry as “poor” because of
oversaturation. There are other ways to revitalize!




Give all workers the right to earn sick time? YES 

Currently, one million workers in MA cannot earn sick time. Earned sick time improves employee
retention and productivity. A healthier workforce is better for everyone. The new law would apply to
businesses with 11 or more employees, and is part of a national effort.



Bring along Lit. Pieces with "NO - YES - YES - YES"

The PROGRESSIVE MASS REFERENDA VOTER GUIDE (PDF) - print for your own reference or to share with your community. [single column to email or 3-column to cut/distribute]

Also check out excellent materials on the ballot questions produced by our local Chapters and talented grassroots organizers! Download fliers here:



NYYY.jpg No_on_One_Yes_on_Rest.jpg 



The Editors at Blue Mass Group has also endorsed "No on One, Yes on the Rest"--



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