Congressman Jim McGovern Opening the 2014 Policy Conference

Congressman Jim McGovern was recently quoted:

mcgovern-snap.jpg"I don't believe the price of admission to passing bills around here should be screwing poor people," Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said this week. "And that's what's going on here. Whether it's budget bills, whether it's the price of passing a farm bill. And, God knows what [Republicans are] going to ask for, for extending the debt ceiling."

"I'm frustrated obviously with Republican leadership," he said. "I'm a little frustrated with some Democrats. I think we should have fought back harder on this. I think the White House should have fought back harder. I love that the president is talking about income inequality, but you know what? It'd be nice if you'd get involved in this fight," McGovern added.

You can see the whole remarks here.

That sounds a lot like what progressive advocates like you have been saying all across Massachusetts -- we’ve been watching forces on Beacon Hill working to stall the minimum wage, punish welfare recipients or pull apart our safety net for the unemployed.

So we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Congressman McGovern start us off on April 6, when we’ll be diving into these issues and working on our campaigns. We’re looking forward to hearing from policy makers, experts, and comparing notes and making plans with other grassroots activists from across the Commonwealth.

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