Our Chapters: Connecting Locally

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We believe that building national progressive victories is inseparable from empowering progressive leaders at the grassroots, community by community, person to person.

Our local chapters are important in state and national activism, and our chapters are also how we push for progressive change at the local level. For a sample of chapters' work, see our "Notes from the Field blog. 

When you join our community, you can choose which chapter you would like to be affiliated with. And, including your address allows us to reach out to you when there is a chapter near you, too! 

See what progressives are up to, locally, at Chapter blogs/websites


JP Progressives (Boston): facebook: JPProgressives, twitter: @JPProgressives, website: jpprogressives.com, contact: moreinfo@jpprogressives.com

Downtown Progressives (Boston): facebook: DowntownProgressives, twitter: @DowntownProgs, email: downtownprogressives@gmail.com

Progressive West Rox/Roz (Boston): facebook: ProgressiveWRoxRoz, twitter: @ProWRoxRoz, website: progressivemass.com/wroxroz, contact: progressivewroxroz@gmail.com

CSfC (Cambridge-Somerville for Change): facebook: CambridgeSomervilleforChange, twitter: @CamSomForChange, website: cambridgesomervilleforchange.com, contact: csfc@progressivemass.com

Three Rivers Progressive Mass (Acton/Concord/Maynard Area): facebook: /groups/1422809994425827/, website: progressivemass.com/trag, contact: trag@progressivemass.com

Progressive Dedham-Westwood-Norwood: facebook: PMDWN, website: progressivemass.com/dwn, contact: dwn@progressivemass.com

Progressive Framingham/MetroWest: contact: progressivema.fmw@gmail.com

Solidarity Lowell: facebook: SolidarityLowell, twitter: @SolidarityLowel, website: http://solidaritylowell.com/, contact: contact@solidaritylowell.com

Indivisible Mystic Valley: facebook: IndMysticValley, twitter: @IndMysticValley, website: https://indivisiblemysticvalley.org

Progressive Needham: facebook: ProgressiveNeedham, twitter: @ProgressNeedham, website: progressivemetrowestsouth.wordpress.com, contact: grassroots@progressiveneedham.com

Progressive Newton: facebook: Progressive-Newton, twitter: @ProgressiveNewt, website: progressivenewton.com, email: suze4obama@gmail.com

Indivisible Plymouth: facebook: Indivisible Plymouth, contact: indivisibleplymouth@gmail.com

South Shore Progressives: facebook: southshoreprogressives, website: progressivemass.com/southshore, email: southshoreprogressivemass@gmail.com

Progressive Waltham: facebook: progressivewaltham, twitter: @ProgWaltham, website: progressivemass.com/waltham, contact: progressivewaltham@gmail.com

Progressive Watertown: facebook: facebook: progressivewatertown, website: progressivemass.com/watertown, contact: progressivewatertown@gmail.com

Indivisible Westford: facebook: Indivisible.Westford.Area, twitter: @IndivisibleWest, contact: Indivisiblewestford@gmail.com

Woburn Welcomes: facebook: WoburnWelcomes, twitter: @WoburnWelcomes, website: https://woburnwelcomes.com/, contact: woburn.welcomes@gmail.com


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