Here's our plan

There are just three months left in the legislative session. We’re aiming to put two ballot questions to voters in November -- to finally pass earned sick time and a minimum wage indexed to the cost of living. And this year we elect new statewide officers and every legislator is up for re-election. We need your support so we can do this work!

Help us meet our challenge, so we can implement our plans to win this year. 

Because of our work to raise the minimum wage and make sure everyone can take a day off when they are sick, 3 generous donors have issued a challenge: Raise $5,000 in the next 6 weeks, and they will match it with $5,000 of their own. 

Thank you for your support. All gifts through the end of April will be matched by generous donors. Your contribution will go twice as far!

And, there’s a special 12-to-1 match incentive for monthly gifts -- if you give $15 a month, anonymous donors will kick in $180 to match your contribution.

We love monthly giving, because it gives us security to plan into the future. To give monthly, click here.

Contributions are not tax deductible.

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