Progressive Needham 13th Norfolk Endorsement Vote

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The Progressive Needham endorsement vote for the 13th Norfolk House district is now open!

As a dues-paying member of Progressive Needham, we want to thank you for your support and request your participation in our endorsement process for 13th Norfolk race . Please take a moment to review these notes on the voting process.

The deadline to vote is Thursday, June 14.

  1. The Candidates
  2. The Voting Process
  3. Assessing the Candidates: Questionnaires

The Candidates

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The Voting Process

You can choose to vote to endorse, to vote to not endorse, or vote to abstain.

If a candidate receives at least 60% of all ballots submitted, they will be endorsed by Progressive Needham.

If a candidate does not reach the 60% threshold, we will not endorse. Abstentions will not count in determining the total number of ballots of which a 60% threshold is required for endorsement.

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Assessing the Candidates

Progressive Mass sent detailed questionnaires to the two candidates in the race.

Before casting your vote, please review their responses, linked above.

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Ready? Vote!

When you are ready, cast your vote below. The vote will close on Thursday, June 14

Please do not share this link-- Voting is only open to those who are receiving this message directly from Progressive Massachusetts. Only votes from dues-paying members in good standing will be counted.

We will send a reminder before the deadline.

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If you click inside the box directly above this comments section you should be able to fill out the required fields re who you are and vote. That section of the page should behave like an embedded page and scroll up and down separate from the rest of the page. If that does not work please call John at 617-633-1712
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