Our Progressive Platform for Massachusetts



Massachusetts, let’s be a progressive leader again! Massachusetts should lead the nation in protecting working families and expanding the middle class, while reducing poverty and inequality. We have the economic engine, creative and intellectual capital, environment, historic models, energy and inspiration to reinvest in, re-create and grow a true Common Wealth. It’s time for progressives across the state to take action on our Progressive Platform for Massachusetts. 

Our Shared Prosperity Agenda

  • QUALITY, FREE, PUBLICLY-FUNDED EDUCATION, Pre-K through post-secondary
  • QUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE, which covers all medically necessary treatment
  • AFFORDABLE, DECENT HOUSING, in safe and vibrant neighborhoods
  • JOBS THAT PAY A LIVING WAGE, and are close to safe, affordable transportation
  • AN EQUITABLE TAX SYSTEM, which raises sufficient revenue to invest in our future

Our All Means All Agenda for Racial and Social Justice

JUSTICE FOR ALL, wherein underrepresented and/or vulnerable communities are protected under the law and treated with dignity and respect and tools for economic mobility. Aims include--

  • A FAIR AND EFFICIENT CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, which ensures public safety, strong communities and effective use of public funds
  • A SENSIBLE AND HUMAN-FOCUSED IMMIGRATION SYSTEM, wherein all historically marginalized communities are protected under the law and treated with dignity and respect
  • A DIVERSE AND WELCOMING SOCIETY, for all, including historically marginalized communities and persons

Our Good Government/Strong Democracy Agenda

  • A GOVERNMENT that fills its responsibility to represent the interests of the Commonwealth and our residents, with transparency and accountability.
  • AN ELECTORAL SYSTEM that expands voting, the electorate and its trust in candidates and electeds.
  • A CAMPAIGN FINANCE SYSTEM that reduces the influence of money and returns elections to issues and the electorate.

Our Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment Agenda

  • AN ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE that reduces pollution, promotes clean energy, reduces greenhouse gasses and protects our natural climate and environment
  • A COMPREHENSIVE PUBLIC TRANSIT SYSTEM, including improving existing transit infrastructure and expanding smart, transit oriented development that is affordable, for all communities
  • A HEALTHY NATURAL AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT that provides ample open space, reduces pollution, improves our communities and nurtures residents of the Commonwealth

take action!

We're ready to fight for these priorities in the current legislative session. Here are bills that bring us closer: Progressivemass.com/legislativeagenda.

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