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progwatertown.jpgOur chapters work on Progressive Mass’s state-wide priorities (legislation, campaigns, elections), such as Raise Up Mass, but they also organize locally around the issues important in their communities. We know that our strength comes from this energy and activism that comes straight from the citizen volunteers, and we want to share their work with you!

Progressive Watertown is one of our newer chapters, and is already off to a vigorous and successful start! Take a look at all they've achieved in their short history and their plans for the coming year, in this report by Sallye Bleiberg. Are you in Watertown/area and want to get involved? Sign up on Progressive Mass, and we'll help plug you in!

The approximately 40 dues paying members of Progressive Watertown have elected a steering committee of 19 co-chaired by Caroline Bays and Richard Marcus.  There are 120 people on the mailing list, welcome to attend all programs which are also open to the public at large. 

Collaborating Statewide

PW has been active this fall in obtaining signatures for several state-wide initiatives. 
As a chapter of PM, our members joined with Raise Up MA to create the 2016 ballot referendum which would raise the minimum wage of fast food and big box employees to $15 per hour and which would guarantee sick and family leave benefits. 
Also working with PM, PW is working on the 2016 ballot referendum that would raise the annual income tax on earnings over $1 million to 9% from the current 5% flat tax, dedicating the income to education and transportation [read more and volunteer!].    

Local Organizing

Richard Marcus' passion is smart gun technology.  He has led PW and PM to obtain signatures on a letter to Attorney General Maura Healy, who could use her power to require that all guns sold in MA offer Safe Gun Technology, allowing only the legal gun owners to fire the weapons.
PW meets quarterly with a variety of programs to obtain consensus on projects pursued, to receive legislative updates from Senator Will Brownsberger and Representative Jon Hecht, and to raise consciousness of members on such issues as income inequality.  
The steering committee meets approximately once per month. Minutes of both steering committee and quarterly meetings are emailed and posted.  
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basis economics/ Increasing the minamum wage without increasing productivity only encourages employers to automate their process. Mass. is home of the the robotics industry and as a member of the Board of Dunkin Donuts stated the future is personless donuts operations . Higher wages based on productivity are deserved but just raising the rate will only do with less employees. As Bill Clinton once said it the “economy stupid” Think about this !!
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