Public Safety and Criminal Justice

We believe:

  • Every resident should feel safe and secure in their home and their neighborhood.  This is the most fundamental function of government—to provide for basic safety & security.
  • Every child should feel safe in their school. We should never accept young people killing each other as a reality of life, and we should not resign ourselves to crime and recidivism rates that are preventable.
  • No one should be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention without charge, and that all people are entitled to due process by an independent, impartial and civilian court of law.
  • Those who have served their time should be able to enjoy full rights and privileges of citizenship including voting and should not be subject to discriminatory hiring, housing and lending practices.
  • Responsible criminal justice requires that we take steps to ensure prisoners are equipped with the skills/counseling/opportunities (and certainly lack of stigma) to prevent recidivism.
  • In judicial discretion on sentencing that reflects details of the offender and the evidence of rehabilitation
  • Criminal justice policies should emphasize prevention, alternatives-to-incarceration, ample opportunity for workforce training and other rehabilitative programs, partnership with communities, and police accountability in order to insure public safety and justice.
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