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[updated 3/30/2014]

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After months of waiting, the House released its minimum wage legislation. The vote on the bill (H3983) is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2. As Speaker DeLeo has long indicated they would be, the minimum wage provisions have been curbed in deference to the business lobby. Specifically:

  • No indexing to cost of living (guaranteeing the wage will lose value every year)
  • Inadequate increases for tipped workers

THOSE PROVISIONS CAN BE RESTORED VIA TWO AMENDMENTS, filed by Rep. Holmes and Rep. Farley-Bouvier. But the grassroots must push Legislators to vote for them, and push back against increasing institutional momentum to pass a diminished minimum wage bill.

CALL the legislative switchboard 617-722-2000 -- ask to be transferred to your State Representative's office.


BILL H3983, Rep. Holmes's Indexing Amendment #50, Rep. Farley-Bouvier's Tipped Wages Amendment #88.  

  • My name is [YOURNAME] and I live in [YOURTOWN].  I am calling to find out if [YOURREP] will become a champion for a strong minimum wage bill:

    • I understand that Minimum Wage debate is on Wednesday.

    • Will [YOUR REP] VOTE YES on Rep. Holmes's amendment to index the minimum wage to inflation? 
       (Bill H3983, Amendment 50)

    • Will [YOUR REP] VOTE YES on Rep. Farley-Bouvier's amendment to raise the tipped wage higher?
      (Bill H3983, Amendment 88)

Take notes! Then, let us know you’ve called (so we can track outreach) and whatever you find out about your Rep’s disposition.

>> Report the results of your call here

You already know -- this kind of grassroots action is most powerful when others join us. Please tell your networks about the urgency of the issue and ask them to call ASAP!

>> Go Further: Make noise on social media! Find your Rep's social media accounts, here: progressivemass.com/ma_legislators_contact

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commented 2014-04-24 06:45:49 -0400 · Flag
If your not fighting for a $15 minimum wage, then you’re not progressives, you’re the same old ‘third way’ equivacators. And why in God’s name would you want to endorse anybody for Governor?? Didn’t the fiasco of Obama stiffing the Left on every occasion teach you guys anything? Once you endorse one of them, they own you, and you have to go wherever they go. Stay on the outside forcing change on whoever wants to get voted for, for pushing progressive policies.
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