Raise Up Recap

As activists head to Beacon Hill today to advocate for a strong minimum wage bill, let’s do a quick recap of where we are.


lobbydayraiseup.jpgWe’ve been waiting for quite a while for the House to release its language.  And, the Speaker has been very forthright that any increase in the minimum wage would be paired with concessions to the business lobby.

The House will be releasing its final language within the next few hours. Due to the tenacity of some progressive representatives, especially Rep Ken Gordon (our endorsed candidate in 2012), we anticipate some non-minimum-wage provisions in the bill that are actually pretty good.

But, as far as the minimum wage goes, we have every reason to expect that it will be short of what we want a minimum wage bill to be, specifically, the following provisions:

  • No indexing to cost of living (guaranteeing the wage will lose value every year)
  • Inadequate increases for tipped workers

So, what’s next?

When the legislation finally comes out, we will continue to push for the best policy, by pushing legislators in the House to co-sponsor Amendments that:

  • Index the minimum wage to the cost of living to ensure purchasing power over time
  • Set the tipped wage to 60% of the minimum wage

Each and every State Rep should be asked by their constituents:

  • Will you cosponsor an amendment to index the minimum wage to inflation?
  • Will you cosponsor an amendment to set the tipped wage to 60% of of the minimum wage?

We’ll have more specific details about that process (amendment numbers, supporters and obstacles) when it comes up, so stay tuned and be ready to call your Representative.

In fact, why don’t you put your Rep’s phone number in your speed dial now?


For more tools and information on the Minimum Wage campaign, go to: ProgressiveMass.com/raiseup


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