Sample Letter: Invest in MA

Contact_Legislators.jpgUse our SAMPLE LETTER to send to your State Representative and State Senator, to urge them to invest in Massachusetts. Or adapt the message and make a phone call! Let us know what you find out! 

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Sample letter

Dear Senator/Representative __________,

The spectacular collapse of the MBTA should have taken no one by surprise. This is what happens when we run our Commonwealth on the cheap, and we have been slashing budgets for over a decade.

It's time to talk about re-investing in all the systems we've been neglecting -- not just the MBTA or transportation more generally, but also education, public health, human services -- in short ALL of the public services and infrastructure that are necessary and make Massachusetts a good place to live.

I am sorely disappointed to hear Speaker DeLeo make the same promise as Governor Baker -- "no new taxes". This is gravely irresponsible.

I hope you will push your colleagues, and your Party, and your Leadership, to move away from this frankly untenable position. We must raise revenue, and we can and must do so fairly.

As you know, some Massachusetts residents are not paying their fair share. The poorest residents pay 9% of their income in state/local taxes, while the richest pay only 6%.*

I understand the political challenges inside the building, but I also know that their is broad citizen support for investment in our local infrastructure and services.


Look all around us. From education to homelessness to infrastructure, Massachusetts is falling apart, and it's because WE are not funding investments.

I look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts to raise fair and responsible revenue so we can take care of all of the Commonwealth's needs. Please be in touch to share your leadership and advocacy in these areas. Thank you. 






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