Safe Communities: Calls to Your Legislators

Make the Call then Record Your Outreach




- Get Ready! Numbers and Info

- General Calling Script

- Script Add-Ons

- Record Your Call

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Getting Ready

  • A: Know your State Rep. and State Senator's names (look up here)
    • IT HELPS: Write down (Save in your contacts!) their phone numbers --
      • or you can call the SWITCHBOARD (617) 722-2000 and ask to be connected to your legislators
  • B: Review the general script below
    • EXTRA MILE: Check if they're CO SPONSORING the bill (check here--look for both your Rep and Sen!)
  • C: Review the call reporting form below

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Calling Script / General Outline

Mostly, today's calls are going to end up as Voicemails or short messages with aides.

For Legislator brief check-ins your message should be a version of:


"Hello, I'm ____ from ____ . I want REP/SEN to fight for passage of the Safe Communities Act this session. I am paying close attention and these issues of [DUE PROCESS] [PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITIES] [YOUR REASONS] are important to me. I will check back soon."

For calls to the Governor, the message is a version of:

"Governor Baker's Friday statement against Safe Communities was outrageous. I am calling to register my firm support for the Safe Communities Act. I am deeply disappointed in the Governor's position and I will be watching. It is unconscionable that he ally himself on the side of Trump against due process and dignity for all of our immigrant neighbors."

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Ask for In-District Meeting: We are encouraging organizers to schedule in-district meetings with your legislators -- the request for face-to-face conversation shows you're really serious and you're not going away.

ADD IN: "I would like to schedule an in-district meeting to discuss this with (REP/SEN ___ )"

CALLING_cards_PM_State_House_(5).pngYour Legislator Has Not Shown Support Yet: They have not yet co-sponsored, they have avoided making a commitment in the press or at forums.

ADD IN: "I would like to hear more about what the legislator's reservations are"..."And I'd like to schedule a meeting to discuss this in-district"

Your Legislator Is Against: They have actively stated their opposition.

ADD IN: "I know that the legislator is in opposition, and as a constituent I want him to know that I am in SUPPORT of the Safe Communities and I urge him/her to change her/his position. I would like to schedule an in-district meeting where we can discuss this issue in more depth."

Your Legislator is a Stalwart Advocate: They are out in front, and are pushing their colleagues to get on board.

ADD IN: "I am calling to express my gratitude for his/her leadership, and that members in our community support and appreciate it too."

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Keeping track of our efforts is an important part of an effective grassroots issues campaign. Thank you for taking a minute to record your calls below. There are sections for your Rep., Sen., and Governor.

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