Safe Communities: Coalition Canvass Carpool!

The Fight Against Trump MUST Be Local

"The action for fighting Trump is *in the states*", at the level of state laws -- ACLU MA exec director, Carol Rose.

We resist Trump's racist agenda of mass deportations, lists and targets against brown people BY PASSING THE SAFE COMMUNITIES ACT in Massachusetts.

But to win the Safe Communities Act -- the Salem Yes on 1 campaign must win first. It is the nail on the shoe of the horse for the battle for the war.

 We Must Be Allies: Come to Salem

Allies of immigrants from ALL over MA: We must turn time and resources to SALEM. Because what happens in Salem will affect ALL of us.

Just like during Pres. campaigns, we organize as communities to travel to NH to knock on doors. Because what happens in NH matters and affects ALL of us.

And it's true right here in MA.

And let's do it the way we know works: with community and organizing.... CARPOOLS!

If you can help coordinate carpools in your area, let us know. If you can offer your car, let us know. If you need a ride, let us know.

We'll do our best to connect people locally and make Salem canvassing as effective and fun as we can!


spread the word!

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