SCA Email Update - 7/17/2017

Immigration Reform in MA: Safe Communities Organizing and Actions

The Safe Communities Act, state legislation that would protect the health, civil rights and safety of all state residents in a time of unprecedented targeting of immigrants. Progressive Mass and our chapters are working with the Safe Communities Coalition to get this bill passed! 

Progress, But Time for a New Push

Where We Are: The bill had overwhelming support at its June 9 hearing--with many members of the PM community and our chapters represented in force. It is now awaiting action by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

What's New: The bill's lead sponsors have written a “Dear Colleague” letter to the Committee Chairs asking for a favorable report of the Safe Communities Act.

We want every legislator who's cosponsored to sign on to the letter. We need every legislator to hear that you want them on board. We need every legislator opposed to keep hearing from Now is the time to take action for Safe Communities! (for more on why this letter is important, check our FAQ)

What You Can Do: Call, Organize Connect! ....

New Questions: Coalition Calling Campaign Needs Each of Our Help!

This week, call your legislators (Senator and Representative): ask them to sign on to the Dear Colleague letter circulated by Rep. Matias and Sen. Eldridge and help gather important info for passing SCA.

It's easy - you will speak with a legislative aide, who can answer the questions we provide on this script and feedback form; it will walk you through the whole process.

We need to flood the State House with calls – consider calling every day until they sign on. (That’s what the opposition does!) Help us get an intense push this first week, and continuing thru the end of the month.

Organize Your Networks, Chapters, Teams, Friends Around This Action: 

We've put together the calling script/form to get simple feedback about your legislators' commitment, giving the Coalition critical information that will inform our lobbying and grassroots mobilizing over the next two months.

The more calls and outreach we can get, the better positioned we will be over the next months. 

Organize your networks around this action: forward and share, reach out and explain, look up your friend's legislator and hand them your phone for their call into the State House

Connect with the SCA grassroots actions team for Safe Communities

On Tuesday, 7PM: Join the first of regular community conference calls calls to debrief and coordinate grassroots organizing for Safe Communities.

With updates from lead Senate sponsor, Sen. Jamie Eldridge and Liza Ryan of MIRA, we will also outline the plan for the next months. Everyone is welcome! 

Who should be on the call? Anyone working to organize their friends, neighbors, community, small or large, to help pass the SCA. Before the end of the summer, we hope to have at least one representative of every grassroots team working on immigration reform!

If you have a conflict but want to be a part of the next calls / in the loop, be sure to connect, and introduce yourself and work, here:

There is so much work, on so many fronts.

You'll be hearing more from us on actions supporting our platform and legislative agenda, on endorsements and special elections, and more. 

If there is a chapter in your area, plug in with them, too, to engage locally and get in the know as well as help plan community efforts on our shared goals.

6 months after day 1 of Trump, and it's as true as ever: to win, we must be organized, locally in our communities, and coordinated, acting together on critical issues, to wield and build our power.

If you have found our work, research, information, scorecards, organizing and actions valuable in these dramatic 6 months, please support it by making an additional donation, starting a monthly contribution, or becoming a member for the first time.

Stay tuned and keep on keeping on! (And, of course, please MAKE THOSE SCA CALLS!)

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