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For the next few weeks, Progressive Massachusetts is highlighting one aspect of our Shared Prosperity Agenda, having our members write their perspectives on why Education, Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Wages, and Progressive Revenue are important to them. For our first week, we are focusing on Education.

We are committing to a Shared Prosperity Agenda and we have set the following goals for Education:

Within five years, we want free, publicly funded education for all residents from pre-K through Community, Vocational, or Four-Year College.

As a first step, we want universal, publicly funded pre-K available for all residents.

Massachusetts currently has a waiting list of approximately 25,000 for financial assistance for early education and child care. We know that early education provides a strong foundation to help children achieve later in life.

Please fund Pre-K for all of Massachusetts residents.

Sign on below to support Massachusetts's choice to make a long-term investment in our future by funding universal Pre-K.


See our full statement of Education Values here

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