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This summer, we're highlighting features of our Shared Prosperity Agenda. Our members are sharing their perspectives on Education, Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Wages, and Progressive Revenue. In our second installment, we focus on Health Care.

Quality, affordable health care is a human right. And a single-payer system has been shown time and again to be the most effective at reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Unfortunately, multi-billion dollar insurance companies profit too much from our poor health, and it is going to take a powerful grassroots movement to overcome the influence of their armies of lobbyists and cash on Beacon Hill.

The good news is that we have a plan to get to single-payer in five years, and it begins with a public option. We believe that when people experience first-hand a simplified health care system, they will like what they see.

We are committing to a Shared Prosperity Agenda and we have set the following goals for Health Care:

  • Within five years, we want a single payer system, similar to Medicare for All
  • A good first step would be a public option which enables any resident to pay into an enhanced MassHealth system

See our full statement of Health Care Values here

Sign on below to support quality, affordable health care covering all medically necessary treatment. 

Dear Legislator,

We, the undersigned residents of Massachusetts believe that healthcare is a human right and that a single-payer system will reduce costs and improve outcomes for the health and economic well-being of our Commonwealth.

We urge you to support of a public option, enabling any resident to pay into an enhanced MassHealth system, as a step to supporting a single-payer system similar to Medicare for All.


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