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This summer, we're highlighting features of our Shared Prosperity Agenda. Our members are sharing their perspectives on Education, Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Wages, and Progressive Revenue. In our third installment, we focus on Housing. 

Affordable housing allows Massachusetts families an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Safe, clean housing shouldn’t cost more than ⅓ of a household’s income, and should be available for all residents.

However, housing prices are astronomically high in the Commonwealth, leaving too many families priced out of their communities, and the “affordable housing” available is not enough to meet demands. More Bay Staters than ever are ending up homeless. We need more sensible affordable housing and rental assistance in Massachusetts.

We are committing to a Shared Prosperity Agenda and we have set the following goals for Housing:

  • Within five years, we want affordable and decent housing in a safe and vibrant neighborhood, made possible with universal access to housing that costs no more than ⅓ of our household income.

  • A good first step would be increased rental assistance.

See our full statement of Housing values here

Sign on below to support quality, affordable housing for all in Massachusetts.

Dear Legislator,

We, the undersigned residents of Massachusetts know that our communities are stronger when all families have access to safe, affordable housing options.

We urge you to support housing reforms that promote universal access to housing that costs no more than ⅓ of our household income, and increased rental assistance.


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