Shoe Leather Wins Elections


On Tuesday, May 28th, Progressive Massachusetts endorsed candidates Jay Livingstone and Linda Dorcena-Forry resoundingly won their respective elections.

Both victories were testaments to the power of direct contact with voters at their doorsteps.

Jay Livingstone recognized the importance of building grassroots support early, and his actions set the tone for the campaign.

Nearly everyday, Jay was knocking on doors in Cambridgeport, Beacon Hill and Back Bay, and he inspired his campaign volunteers to work just as hard. This grassroots work before election day made our task on Tuesday easy.

Jay knew early on that his message of being the progressive Democrat in the race would be a winning one, but getting that message out in an odd timed special election would be difficult. Fortunately, that is where the grassroots – and Progressive Mass, came in to help out. In the weeks leading up to the election, Progressive Massachusetts board members, staff and volunteers knocked on hundreds of doors in the district, and on election day, we played a key role in voter turnout in critical Back Bay and Cambridge precincts.

The election of Jay Livingstone demonstrated that when a candidate embraces his progressive values, and activates the broad network of state-wide progressive activists, our message and our hard work will pay off.

Jay still has a general election on June 25th, but we are confident that if his campaign keeps up their hard work, the voters of the 8th Suffolk district will send a dedicated progressive to the State House.

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