The Work We Need: Trump Year 1 Drove It Home

  • If you believe that local neighborhood teams, regular peopleare driving big changes, and that this power, when coordinated and focused, is stronger together...
  • If you understand that the way to fight Trump is to fight at the state level--to lead by example, to protect and invest in our communities, indivisible with justice for All (that means all), the way we really should...
  • If you think Massachusetts at the state level should be as good as we think we are (we are not)....

2017 really wanted to hammer what we already knew

Getting Ready for Member Endorsement

Our questionnaires for the Governor Candidates are in: dig into the issues with our comprehensive policy questionnaires. With sections on social justice, environment, economy, healthcare and more, it will be a useful companion to your meetings, and essential reading before your endorsement vote. 

Download the Questionnaire, Read, Share, Debate, now!



How Has the Legislature Performed in Year 1 of Trump?

We check in on our Progressive Legislative Agenda for 2017-2018. In unprecedented times, how is Massachusetts legislature responding to the challenge of being a progressive leader in the age of Trump? 

Are our lawmakers rising to the challenge? 

Or... nah...

Read more here. 


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