Slippery Slope – Today – Photo ID for Food Stamps; Tomorrow – Photo ID to Vote

blamepoorpeopleWe must stop this now.  It is urgent that everyone reading this post call the Governor’s office – 617-725-4005 – and tell him to veto the Photo ID provisions in the Supplemental Budget.  And while you’re at it – call your rep and senator and tell them to sustain that veto.

We know that photo ID doesn’t address fraud 

We know that photo ID costs money that it doesn’t save – and the legislature didn’t even fund the program in the Supplemental Budget.

Even Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney!! -- rejected photo ID.

See Hester Prynne’s great blog about the same subject

...Or the editorial by Simon Waxman in the Boston Globe

Think about this.  An important argument against voter ID has always been how difficult it would be for many low income people to secure such an ID. And now we’re telling poor people they need a photo ID to feed  their families.

What does it say if a blue state like Massachusetts becomes the first in the nation to require photo ID for food stamps? Won’t this encourage Republicans across the country – newly freed from the Voting Rights Act – to initial even more aggressive action to suppress the vote?

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