Transportation Nightmares Are Avoidable

mbta2015storm.jpgQUICK TAKE:  Contact your State Legislators (Representative and Senator) to express your dismay at the failures of the MBTA, and that we need to raise more revenue to invest in our infrastructure. 



The snowstorms over the past week have wreaked havoc on the Commonwealth's transportation system, especially in and around Boston. While many of the problems come with any big storm, the bigger underlying cause is an aging MBTA infrastructure, that is already ill-equipped to handle any stresses on the system, let alone a massive snowstorm. 

What's happening with the MBTA is a parable for what happens anywhere we put off investment and even basic maintenance in our systems. Someday, the failure to prepare for the future will catch up with us, and it will cause much more of a headache, and cost more, to address it then. 

The Legislature made a half-hearted attempt to inject some revenue into tranpsortation infrastructure, but as we detailed at the time, it was already insufficient -- and, two years on, the promised revenue has fizzled away, with the repeal of the "Tech Tax" (by the legislature) and the indexed gas tax (by voters in  November 2014). 

And, the larger context is that Massachusetts has been on a budget-cutting binge for over a decade, affecting services, education, infrastructure, security. We have needs -- neglected needs from the past, and needs to properly invest in the future. We need more revenue. 

This makes the MBTA collapse an issue for legislators -- they need to hear from constituents that we need to raise more revenue to attend to our crumbling infrastructure. 




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