So Where Are We on the Transportation Funding Bill?

Lots of maneuvering but substantially less drama over the last few days as the Senate discusses procedural matters and leadership works to sweeten the revenue bill which came out of the House so as to attract more members.  In case you are keeping score, here’s what we know:

1) Progressives are holding strong and working together to improve the bill.

2) Calls are continuing into swing Senators to shore up our support – and every call matters.

3) The Senate President put a new proposal on the table a few days ago.  It adds some money but still falls short of our key principles – substantial new revenue, progressively raised, focused on more than transportation.   Check out T for Mass’ analysis of how this proposal still falls short on Transportation.

4) The debate will begin at 10:00 am tomorrow, Saturday, April 13 – unless the Republicans move for a delay.

5) We will update our blog post with the vote count as we learn it.

One thing that is clear from this week’s work in the Senate – when Progressives work together, when they are supported by your calls and tweets and facebook posts, we can get a better bill.  We have power to influence the argument.  And now the Senate President is on record supporting other important progressive policies like the minimum wage.

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