“Substantial new revenue:” Do it once, do it right

Why is the Our Communities campaign focused on “substantial” new revenue? (you’ve seen it in our call scripts and messaging)

Because we do not want just another temporary fix to repair just the latest in a series of fiscal crisis. We want to re-invest in our communities, not just plug the leaks after a decade of tax cuts and budget cuts.

The Governor explained during a press conference recently:

“Though we are asking people to pay a little bit more, we are assuring people they will get a lot more,” Patrick told reporters after huddling for about an hour with more than a dozen Massachusetts business leaders and economists supportive of his plan to generate new revenue through a series of tax reforms and rate changes.

“There’s also a consensus here that the $1.9 billion we have proposed is the right number for transportation and education and we should try as much as possible to land there,” he said.

In other words, if we are to restore a decade plus of tough budget cuts, address our transportation needs and make the investments in education that we need to, we need around $2 Billion. Anything short of that will still leave services and infrastructure scrambling for funding.

Devastating Budget Cuts 

But as noted (from the same article) below, the House is set to release a much smaller proposal, which the Speaker says is slated for transportation, only.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo has committed to finding a new revenue stream to support investments in transportation and infrastructure [no education], but as spring arrives he has yet to produce a plan or settle on a revenue number that he says [will] be smaller than Patrick’s.

This smaller revenue package means those budget cuts will remain unrestored, and no investment spending on education and infrastructure. And this is why we want you to contact your legislators and give them backbone to ask for substantial new revenue, raised fairly. It is a critical moment; please call today and urge your networks to do the same. If we do it right, once and for all, we won’t need to revisit taxes again for quite a while. But if we don’t do enough, then we’ll need to keep coming back to find new revenue.

Let’s do it once; let’s do it right.

“We are unlikely as a state government to go back to the people any time soon to ask for additional tax increases. I just think this is it for a time,” said Patrick.

Quotes from: Gov. Patrick defends $1.9B price as right for new taxes - News – Quincy, MA – The Patriot Ledger – http://s.shr.lc/15x2rdc

Find out more and start organizing in your community: http://progressivemass.nationbuilder.com/campaign_for_our_communities


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