Take Action – Send Your Letter to the Editor

Last night Governor Patrick called for new revenue.  The day before, Representative Jim O’Day and Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz re-filed An Act to Invest in Our Communities.

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper.

As the Governor said:

The future belongs to those who prepare for it.

That is why we invest in education, in innovation and in infrastructure.

We invest in education because well-prepared young minds and mid-career talent is our global calling card and our economic edge.

We invest in innovation because, with a workforce like ours, enabling and encouraging new ideas is the best way to take advantage of the knowledge explosion happening in the world economy today.

We invest in infrastructure because rebuilding our roads, rails, bridges, expanding broadband to every community, building new classrooms and labs and more affordable housing gives private initiative and personal ambition the platform for growth.

Education, innovation, infrastructure. It’s a strategy proven through history. And it’s working for us today.


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