Team Needham: Spontaneous Organizing at the Library

Funny thing happened today as we were organizing around ‘Act to Invest in Our Community.’ A couple of us were at the Needham Public Library (kids have a report to work on) and as we talked, people kept stopping by and saying hello–the library’s a great community scene! 

Friends from church, book group, the recent campaigns, our kids’ friends’ moms and dads–at one point we had a crowd of 5-6 people (shh!)! 

We shared what we were working on — and (no surprise, Needham is a progressive and politically active town) everyone wanted to know how they could help out:

“Calls? Letters to the editor? What do you need?”

(yesyes, and waddyagot?). Tomorrow we’re meeting our State Rep at the Senior Center. Will let you know how it goes! 

–Team Needham

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