Team Needham Takes on Taxes

We gathered at Needham’s Bagel’s Best.  Veterans of many past political campaigns–Obama ‘08, Obama ‘12, D’Alessandro ‘10, Warren ’12. We have lots of ideas and energy to take what we did during electoral campaigns and apply these tactics to issues.  We can elect great candidates — but we know policy is where the rubber hits the road!

We know Needham needs more revenue – to keep our schools, infrastructure and innovation strong.  But we also know it’s not easy to ask people to pay more – no one likes taxes.

That’s why we’re organizing.  Reaching out to our friends and neighbors.  Sharing our thinking.  Encouraging them to support ACT TO INVEST IN OUR COMMUNITIES.  Talking to our legislators... many of us haven’t done that before.  But we’re fired up and looking forward to reaching out to more people from our Needham-area grassroots campaign team.

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Oh, and, the bagels were great, too!

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