Time Sensitive! Take Action TODAY, for MA Single Payer

singlepayer.jpgHealth Care Reform is one of the top priorities of Progressive Mass member-activists.

TOMORROW/Tuesday–single-payer health care is on the table in the Massachusetts Legislature–as an Amendment, submitted by Sen. Eldridge, to s.2260 (An Act improving the quality of health care and reducing costs through increased transparency, efficiency and innovation).

Your Senator needs to hear from you TODAY! It takes less than 5 minutes!

Read our summary of Sen. Eldridge’s Amendment to s.2260, calling for single-payer reform.

Call (or email) your State Senatorprogma.us/maleg

  • Ask your Senator–
    • –HOW s/he is planning to vote on Sen. Eldridge’s Single-Payer Amendment to s.2260
    • –to VOTE YES tomorrow (Tue., 5/15) on Sen. Eldridge’s SINGLE-PAYER AMENDMENT to S.2260
  • If you can take an extra 45 seconds,
  • Amplify your voice:
    • share this action with others, and tell them why it’s important to act today!–person-to-person advocacy is how we win!

As always, thanks for everything that you do to make a progressive Massachusetts.

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