Time to Update MA Elections: Tell the Legislature, “Act NOW”

UPDATE: It passed the House; now the Senate needs to vote before the clock runs out on July 31.


After months of pushing, the official order for the day for TODAY (Wednesday, May 30) announces that the Massachusetts State House will take a vote on election reforms to finally get our state a little bit caught up with leaders for voting rights around the nation.

Our members have told us this is a critical issue – Ensuring that every adult citizen can vote and that every vote is counted.

We urge you to sign the petition being sponsored by MassVote RIGHT NOW, to send a message to the legislature to urge them to pass this bill today. UPDATE: Now that it’s passed the House, the Senate needs to be urged to action. Go to the MassVote action center to tell your Senator to pass the Election reform bill.

The reform bill up for a vote tomorrow does 4 things.

  1. It updates the training for election officials so they will be better able to help every eligible citizen vote.
  2. It lets teens pre-register.
  3. It sets up random audits of paper ballots to ensure accurate election results.
  4. It lets you download, print, sign, and mail in your voter registration form, as you already can in 47 other states.

It’s long overdue.

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Time to Update MA Elections: Tell the Legislature, “Act NOW” http://bit.ly/1AYOM48 via @progressivemass
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