URGENT: House Vote Imminent

UPDATE 6/18, 7PM: It wasn’t pretty. The amendment failed. See how Reps. voted, here.

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Today [6/18/2013] the Mass. House is debating the supplemental budget which contains provisions to “reform” welfare/EBT — “fixing” a problem that doesn’t actually exist (the much ballyhooed Auditor’s report showed that fraud levels are minuscule). We have two main objections:

  1. Inserting the EBT “reforms” into the budget process circumvents the democratic process — the policy should be crafted in the relevant committees, not announced by fiat by the leadership.
  2. The reforms are largely unnecessary (addressing a “problem” that doesn’t exist) and are burdensome and ineffective while scapegoating the poor.

On the Hill, we have progressive champions in Rep. Hecht and Rep. Farley-Bouvier who have submitted two amendments to stop these onerous “reforms” and restore the legislative process. Amendment #48 strips out the most burdensome reforms. Amendment #54 sends the legislation back to Committee.

Leadership has made it clear they do not want debate on this.

Previous Updates (now out of date)

We need you to urge your Representative to stand up against these egregious “reforms” and anti-democratic practices byVOTING YES on Amendments 45 and 54.

Please call or send a quick email to your legislator [contact info here] — and then come back let us know (below) so we can track our outreach.

Please get your networks to do the same, because we are stronger when we act together. Thank you.

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