Money-and-Politics.jpgEND ‘CITIZENS UNITED’ — TIME SENSITIVE! — the vote is *TODAY* 

Call the State House TODAY (6/21/2012, Thursday), and ask your Senator to vote to support the resolution opposing ‘Citizens United’, as reflected in S.772!

Formal session begins at 1PM, so make your call now–and ask your networks to do the same.


Background on ‘Citizens United’:

“In Citizens United v. FEC, the Court held that corporations and unions have a First Amendment right to spend unlimited funds on campaign advertisements, provided that these communications are not formally “coordinated” with any candidate.  In so holding, it found that the political speech rights of American voters and corporate entities are indistinguishable.Citizens United’s immediate impact was substantial. In one swift stroke, the Court overturned at least twenty years of its own precedent, rendered unconstitutional more than sixty years of federal law restricting corporate electioneering expenditures, and annihilated the statutes of twenty-two states that previously prohibited election spending from corporate general-treasury funds.  Citizens United also ignited widespread popular, academic and political discussion about money, politics and the Constitution—a nationwide dialogue that has not yet abated. Now that we are well into the 2012 election cycle, the decision’s lasting effects are clearer and clearer.” –Brennan Center for Justice

Massachusetts citizen activists have been organizing against the ruling–65 towns/cities have passed resolutions calling for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn ‘Citizens United.’ And there is a grassroots effort to put Citizens United on November’s ballot in Massachusetts. Add your voice–tell your state Senator to listen to the people: support the resolution calling for the end of the era of ‘Citizens United.’ CALL TODAY!

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